momondo is a travel search engine that finds and compares the best offers on flights, hotels, car rentals, and holiday rentals. Psst…we’re a free service, which means that we don’t sell anything and we never add any booking fees.

  • Do you include fees in the prices?

    We do our best to include all mandatory fees and surcharges (fees that cannot be deselected) in the prices which we display. Our goal is to create as much transparency in prices as possible and we’re constantly working on making the prices more transparent. The challenge for us is all the (hidden) and constantly changing extra fees which the companies add to their prices.

    We’ve begun displaying overviews of the non-mandatory fees and surcharges which the different companies add to their prices. These overviews are shown together with the specific company and we want to display a fee-list for each company on our site.

  • Does momondo raise prices on flight tickets?

    No, absolutely not! momondo never tracks your IP address or uses cookies to push prices up. We make real-time, live searches and find the best prices available at the time of your search. We have no intentions of pushing up prices, because we always want you to be able to find the best and cheapest prices available.

  • How does the price guarantee on hotels work?

    The price guarantee ensures that you get the cheapest price online for hotel rooms anywhere in the world. It works like this:

    1. You book a hotel room
    2. Unexpectedly you find a cheaper deal within 24 hours
    3. You use the price the guarantee
    4. The price difference is refunded to you
  • How often do you update currencies?

    We update currencies every day. Please be advised that prices are not always displayed in the same currency on momondo and on the supplier’s site which we link you to.

  • What should I do if I experience inaccurate information on momondo?

    Our goal is always to show the cheapest prices and accurate information. Therefore we’d really appreciate if you would please inform us via our Feedback if you experience that we display information which is incorrect. Then we’ll look into the issue and take action.

  • Does momondo sell tickets?

    No, we don’t sell tickets and you don’t book directly on our site. You book your flight, hotel, and car on the company’s site which we’ve directed you to.

  • Whom should I contact with questions regarding booking?

    If you experience problems with a booking and/or want to change it, you must contact the company you booked with. In case you’re not sure which company, you can find out by looking at the booking confirmation e-mail that you received from the company. You can also look at your checking account, where you can see which company debited the money. momondo doesn’t have any information about your booking, and therefore we unfortunately can’t change it and/or send you any confirmation about your booking.

    Questions regarding car hire should always be directed to the telephone number stated on your voucher.

  • Can I trust the companies which you have on your site?

    Yes! We only have suppliers on our site who we find trustworthy and we’re regular in contact with these to make sure that they live up to our criteria.

  • What should I check before booking a flight?

    Before clicking on the ‘Buy’ button on a company’s site you should always (double) check that you’ve given the correct information such as:

    • Travel dates
    • Departure and arrival airports
    • Number of passengers
    • Names of passengers
    • Email


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  • How does the Price Calendar work?

    The Price Calendar is an overview of estimated cheapest prices for different dates on the route you’ve selected. The purpose of the Price Calendar is to give you an overview of the price fluctuations on flights and to show the days with the biggest savings. This should give you an idea of how you can save money if you are flexible about dates. However you need to make a live search to get the latest prices because the prices in the calendar are merely estimates.

  • How does the Fare Alert work?

    Once you’ve searched for your flight you can create a Fare Alert. Then you’ll receive email updates with prices which we’ve found on the specific route. Please be aware of that there is a time lag between we find the price and send it to you and it can have changed since.

  • What is ‘Best’ flights?

    ‘Best’ flights are the flights with the best balance between price and flight time. We show ‘Best’ flights because often paying a bit more is worth not having a 12 hour layover.

  • Can I search group tickets on momondo?

    You can select up to 9 adults and 7 children each time you search for a flight on momondo.

  • Do you have a multiple destination function?

    Yes, we do. Just select 'Multiple destinations' in the search form (it's right below the departure field).

  • Where do I find trains on momondo?

    We have integrated high speed trains into our flight search. This is a more effective approach than making it a standalone search option and it makes it possible to compare the prices of high speed trains and planes together for your selected route.

  • How do I give the most useful feedback on momondo?

    Your feedback is very valuable to us because it helps us improve our services. If you contact us, then please give us as much information as possible about your search including travel dates and destinations, as well as the name of company we’ve directed you. This information makes it easier for us to look into an issue and take action.


Use our feedback form to give us your comments and suggestions, or to report a problem.


We are not a travel agency, and we don't sell tickets. If you have questions concerning a booking, please contact the travel agency or airline company.


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