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Popular cities and sights

Looking to visit Chile? Check out these cities and spend time seeing some of the most popular sights in the country
Teatro Municipal de Santiago
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo
Museo Histórico Nacional
Posada del Corregidor
Paniri Volcano
Chug Chug Geoglyphs
Estadio Municipal de Calama
Pukara de Lasana
Hanga Roa
Ahu Vai Uri
Museo Antropologico Sebastian Englert
Ahu Kote Riku
Dos Ventanas Caves
Punta Arenas
Plaza Munoz Gamero
Club Andino
Monumento al Ovejero
Museo Naval y Maritimo
Santuario Maria Auxiliadora
Casa del Arte
Estadio Municipal de Concepcion
Merquiche Beach
Purda Beach
Dichato Beach
La Serena
San Agustin Church
La Serena Archaeological Museum
Kokoro No Niwa Japanese Garden
La Serena Beach
La Serena Lighthouse
Puerto Montt
Monte Verde
Los Alerces de Lenca Park
Alerce Andino National Park
Estadio Regional de Chinquihue
Saltos del Petrohue
Puerto Natales
Plaza de Armas
Cueva del Milodon
Arica Sea Museum
Museo Historico y de Armas
Las Machas Beach
El Morro
Iglesia de San Marcos
Plaza Prat
Teatro Municipal
Parroquia Catedral
Cavancha Beach
Brava Beach
Museo Regional de la Araucania
Estadio Municipal German Becker
Parque Museo Ferroviario Pablo Neruda
Plaza Teodoro Schmidt
Temuco Cathedral
La Portada
Hand of the Desert
Ruinas de Huanchaca
Antofagasta Cathedral

Cheapest flight routes to Chile

These routes have the cheapest flights to Chile found by momondo users
Departing Destination Best Price
Christchurch Santiago $1,300
Wellington Santiago $1,501
Auckland Santiago $1,551
Nelson Santiago $2,710
Queenstown Santiago $3,101

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Confirm your travel details to search for the latest offers. While browsing offers there will be the option to toggle “Price Alerts”. You’ll then receive updates when prices for the flight route increase or decrease.

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With “Price Forecast”, learn how soon you should book your flight in advance. Down to the day of week and time of day, our information can inform you on the ideal time to book to save on your travel. Our “Price Calendar” shows you at a quick glance when to book your travel for lower rates. By setting “Price Alerts” you can monitor changes in price and target the ideal time to book. Search for your trip destination by budget amount via our “Explore” feature. Whether you’re looking for ideas for your next travel adventure or cost-cutting tips, our “Discover” content is a great place to start.

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Popular routes landing in Chile

Compare flights to and from the nearest airports to discover the best prices and most convenient flight times
Christchurch to Santiago Flights
Fastest flight time
21h 05m
Cheapest price
Wellington to Santiago Flights
Fastest flight time
20h 20m
Cheapest price
Auckland to Santiago Flights
Fastest flight time
20h 55m
Cheapest price
Nelson to Santiago Flights
Fastest flight time
38h 30m
Cheapest price
Queenstown to Santiago Flights
Fastest flight time
35h 00m
Cheapest price
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