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$61 - $1,006
MOST POPULAR COUNTRY IN EUROPE Italy 58% more users visited More momondo users search for hotels in Italy than any other country in Europe.
INEXPENSIVE COUNTRY IN EUROPE France 78% cheaper Hotels in France are cheaper than other popular destinations in Europe at just $61 per night on average.
EXPENSIVE COUNTRY IN EUROPE Switzerland 73% more expensive Switzerland has higher-priced hotels than other popular destinations in Europe, with rooms averaging $1,005 per night.

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What is the most popular destination for users looking for a hotel in Europe?

The most popular destinations in Europe are London (69% more often visited by momondo users), Lisbon (56% more often visited by momondo users), and Paris (50% more often visited by momondo users). These cities are great options when planning your trip to Europe.

What are the cheapest destinations to book a hotel in Europe?

The cheapest destination for travellers looking to go to Europe is Lagos, which is 94% cheaper than the average price of a hotel in Europe. The average nightly rate for a hotel in Lagos is $16. Those looking for alternatives to Lagos can take a trip to Valencia or Faro as well.

Nightly hotel rates in Valencia are typically just $23, which is 91% below the average price of hotels in Europe.

If you’re more interested in Faro, you can get a hotel there for around $24 per night, which is 91% cheaper than Europe’s average.

What is considered a cheap rate for a hotel in Europe?

The average price for a hotel room in the entire area of Europe is $254/night. momondo would consider any price under that to be a cheap rate for our users.

If you’re looking to visit a country in Europe that is usually on the cheaper side, consider visiting France ($61/night on average), Austria ($117/night on average), and United Kingdom ($118/night on average). These are the cheapest countries in Europe to book a hotel in.

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Hotel deals Europe